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FAQ Page

How can I buy your beats?

You can buy our beats by using the store in the ‘Home’ tab. Browse through the beats and click on ‘Add’ if you want to purchase a beat. Select the License you need and go on adding all other beats you want to purchase. After that, click on ‘Buy Now’ and you will be redirected to PayPal, where you will be able to pay using your PayPal Account or using your Credit Card. Your Downloads will come directly after Payment

What do the different licenses mean?

It’s very easy actually. The leasing licenses work all the same. (Standard, Premium, Unlimited). Leasing means, that you are allowed to record your song, to sell and distribute it to a limited number of times, until you need to buy a new leasing license (Unless you have bought the Unlimited license). Exclusive means, that we will transfer the whole ownership to you. In poor words, we are not allowed to sell the beat anymore, anywhere else. You will be the only owner of the beat.

What can I do with the tagged beats I have downloaded for free?

It’s like ‘Try before you buy’. All our beats can be downloaded for free in our beats section. This is for you to test your recording and to make a better decision if buying this beat or not. You are also allowed to publish your song on a tagged beat, as long if you won’t make any profit from it.

What payment methods do you offer?

We accept Paypal payments. A Paypal Account is not needed when paying via Credit Card. If you’d like to pay in a different way, please contact us here and we will let you know if this is possible.

A beat has been sold exclusively, but I bought a leasing License before. Do I need to worry about?

No. As long as the distribution number described in your licensing contract is not reached, you won’t need to worry about that at all.